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One of None 67 Plymouths


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One of None 1967 Plymouth Belvedere's

"One of None" simply implies that none of these cars should have ever been built. The 426 Hemi was not an available option in any Belvedere model other than the Belvedere GTX (the run of 55 RO VIN'd Race Hemi Belvedere II's excluded). If you wanted a 426 Street Hemi in a 1967 Plymouth, you had to order it in a GTX, PERIOD!....Or at least that's what Chrysler says. Things were a bit "looser" back then and sometimes a salesman slipped one past the powers that be and succesfully ordered a few Hemis in cars they were'nt available in. The following photos are of known existing examples which have surfaced over the years. With the rarity and value of Hemi cars being what they are it's unlikely that many, if any at all, are still out there undiscovered, but it's certainly possible.

The following cars are all confirmed VIN known cars, all but one of the silver cars is shown here. There are two cars that have recieved color changes, one blue 2 door hard top which was changed to black, and one silver 2 door hard top which was also changed to black.

Documentation from Chrysler.



(1) RL21J7 1967 Hemi 4 Speed Belvedere I 2 Door Sedans (SS1 Yellow)

1967 Hemi Belvedere Judy Lilly

(1) RL21J7 1967 Hemi Automatic Belvedere I 2 Door Sedans (881 Blue)

1967 Hemi Belvedere Automatic Sedan Blue


(1) RH41J7 1967 Hemi Automatic 4 Door Belvedere II (UU1 Light Blue)

1967 Hemi Belvedere 4 Door


(6) RH23J7 1967 Hemi 4 Speed 2 Door Hard Top Belvedere II (1, SS1 Yellow, 1 GG1 Green, 1 HH1 Dark Copper, 3 881 Blue)

1967 Hemi  Belvedere 4 Speed Yellow     1967 Hemi Belvedere Green     1967 Belvedere Hemi 4 Speed Copper

1967 Hemi Belvedere 4 Speed B Blue     Blue 1967 Hemi Belvedere 4 Speed     1967 Hemi Belvedere II 4 Speed  Blue


(4) RH23J7 1967 Hemi Automatic 2 Door Hard Top Belvedere II (3 AA1 Silver, 1 BB1 Black, *1 one more silver car not yet pictured.)

1967 Hemi Belvedere Automatic B Sliver     1967 Hemi Belvedere Automatic Black     1967 Hemi Belvedere Automatic Silver


(*1) RH23J7 1967 Hemi Automatic 2 Door Hard Top Belvedere II. (QQ1 Dark Red Metallic - Unconfirmed VIN, vintage pictures only, appears real but probably long since destroyed, last seen in New York State Conneticut area, last owner Bart Stanco.

1967 Hemi Belvedere Automatic Dark Red Metallic

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